Slide Number 11
Logistics and Supply Chains2
RightChain™ Framework3
RightChain™ Framework4
The RightChain™ Bridge5
The Ten Decisions that Define Supply Chain Strategy6
From the Wrong Chain to the RightChain™7
Supply Chains in Perspective8
Supply Chains in Perspective9
Supply Chain Complexity & Supply Chain Costs10
Supply Chain Cost per Casevs Number of SKUs11
Supply Chain Complexity & Capability12
Supply Chain Complexity Index™13
Supply Chain Capabilities Index™14
Supply Chain Capability vs Complexity15
The Ten Decisions that Define Supply Chain Strategy16
Supply Chain Servant Leadership Model17
RightChain™ Supply Chain Scoreboard18
RightChain™ Scoreboard19
Supply Chain Quality Cost Analysis20
The Ten Decisions that Define Supply Chain Strategy21
RightChain™ Service 36022
Most Valuable Customer Rankings23
RightChain SKUs™: SKU Valuation24
RightChain™ Pricing: Order Valuation25
Supply Chain Common Sense26
RightChain™ Service Policy Example27
RightChain™ Service Policy28
RightChain™ Pricing Optimization29
RightChain™: Service Policy30
The Ten Decisions that Define Supply Chain Strategy31
RightChain™ Inventory Paretos32
Supply Chain Common Sense33
RightChain™ Inventory34
RightStock™ Simulation - Galletas35
RightChain™ Simulation – Jello36
Slide Number 3737
RightChain™ SKUs | P&G38
Build Curve OptimizationLeadtime Synchronization39
Forecast & Leadtime Optimization Synergies40
Wrong, Long, Variable, and Late41
Inventory & Leadtime Simulation Results42
RightChain™ Deployment Optimization43
Average Inventory Value vs Probability of Shutdown44
RightChain™How to optimize the financial and service performance of inventory.45
RightChain™ Inventory Results46
RightChain™ Development Plan47
RightChain™ Forecasting Pilot Results48
Mining Value Stream Optimization49
MineChain™ Optimization & Simulation50
The Ten Decisions that Define Supply Chain Strategy51
Supplier Spend Pareto52
Supplier Paretos53
Supply Chain Common Sense54
Sourcing Optimization55
RightChain™ Sourcing Sourcing Optimization System56
Global Sourcing Optimization57
Example Make-Buy Global Operating Footprint58
RightChain™ Supplier Scorecard59
The Ten Decisions that Define Supply Chain Strategy60
Lane & Shipment Profile61
Supply Chain Common Sense62
Global Supply Chain - Current63
Global Supply Chain - Optimized64
Value Chain Development Program65
RightChain™ Sourcing Pratt & Whitney66
Disney Merchandise Sourcing Map67
RightChain™Global Supply Chain Strategy68
RightChain™ Global Supply Chain Strategy69
Global Supply Chain Nodes and Modes70
RightChain™ Loads Optimization71
The Ten Decisions that Define Supply Chain Strategy72
SKU ParetoShould we have the SKU?73
Warehouse Order ProfilesShould we have the order?74
Order Profiles by CustomerShould we accept/pick the order?75
SKU % Days Picked76
Supply Chain Common Sense77
Storage Mode and Slotting Optimization78
RightChain™ Warehousing Optimization79
RightChain™ Oxxo80
Layout and Flow Optimization81
Daily Dealer Delivery82
Example Honda DC’s83
RightChain™ Warehousing Honda84
Summary Scenario Evaluation85
WMS Requirements86
Caterpillar Logistics87
Caterpillar Logistics88
Caterpillar Logistics89
Caterpillar Metrics & Culture90
ERP vs WMS vs 3PL91
The Ten Decisions that Define Supply Chain Strategy92
Logistics Outsourcing Decision Tree93
3PL Evaluation Example94
Logistics Outsourcing Optimization Matrix95
Un-weighted and Weighted 3PL Evaluations96
SSB Logistics Development Plan97
Logistics Management Models98
The Ten Decisions that Define Supply Chain Strategy99
Supply Chain Information Systems Strategy100
Slide Number 101101
Project Evaluation Summary102
SCIS Vendor Selection103
The Ten Decisions that Define Supply Chain Strategy104
FLIOPSFinance, Logistics, Inventory & Operations Planning System105
IBP/S&OP Simulator106
IBP Pratt & Whitney107
FlightChain™ Development Plan108
Collaborative Planning109
IBP Disney110
The Business and the Supply Chain111
MineChain™ Financial Opportunity Assessment112
Total Logistics Cost Analysis113
The Ten Decisions that Define Supply Chain Strategy114
Chief Supply Chain Officer115
Supply Chain U116

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