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Operations & Execution Use Case Scenarios

RightChain.ai is employed to answer the following transportation optimization questions. What distribution locations, sizes, flows, and roles maximize supply chain financial and service performance for each product, category, channel, and business unit? Which lanes are value and non-value added? What configuration of lanes is optimal via consolidation via geography and/or schedule? 1 2 What load frequency and schedule minimizes total supply chain cost and meets all volume and service requirements? What mix of transportation modes (air, ocean, rail, truck, etc.) for each lane, order, and product minimizes total supply chain cost and meets all volume and service requirements? How many vehicles, containers, and drivers minimize the cost of network delivery requirements? What is the optimal mix of owned and leased resources and assets? What shipping schedule minimizes transportation costs and meets all daily delivery requirements and seasonal constraints? 3 4 5 6

Planning & Strategy Use Case Scenarios Logistics network strategy, optimization design, capacity planning, 3PL analysis

Operations & Execution Users

Planning & Strategy Users

Operations &



& Strategy

RightChain™ Nodes

C/VP of Operations, Supply Chain, Logistics, Distribution Internal and , external consultants, analysts and planners for supply chain, logistics, transportation, distribution. and fleet management


RightChain™ Lanes

Directors, managers, and operators of logistics, transportation, distribution, shipping, traffic, and fleets

High level transport and logistics cost reduction, Flow path optimization, Transport

Operational transportation cost reduction, Continuous

transportation improvement


RightChain™ Loads

procurement, Carrier bidding


Fleet configuration, Fleet own vs lease, DCC negotiations

RightChain™ Fleets

Transportation operations management and scheduling

RightChain™ Transportation User Profile RightChain™ Shipping

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