RightChain Transportation Overview

Solution Summary 1. Transportation optimization database design and development. 2. Current transportation practices and performance assessment. 3. Deep origin, destination, lane, shipment, carrier, and load analytics, statistics, patterns, anomalies, predictions, and visualizations. 4. Lane level optimization recommendations for elimination, consolidation, modal, and/or frequency transformation 5. Optimization recommendations for the number, location, role, and size of all supply chain related facilities. 6. Optimization recommendations for logistics flows between all origin-destination pairs. 7. Optimization recommendations for lane, shipment, and SKU mode mix vis a vis truck, rail, ocean, air, etc. 8. Optimization recommendations for fleet size and configuration. 9. Optimization recommendations for daily and weekly shipping maximizing the use of least expensive modes and routes.

10. Management and execution system recommendations and requirements for TMS. 11. Annual benchmarking of supply chain performance and practices. 12. Summary business case and implementation plan for TMS and/or RightChain™ Transportation optimization recommendations for low, medium, and high levels of investment, automation, and reconfiguration requirements. 13. TMS evaluation (business case, system requirements development, RFP development, recommended supplier and solution candidates, evaluation of supplier and solutions proposals, and negotiating/contracting support) and implementation support. 14. Transportation operating and optimization template – static and dynamic. 15. APIs for RightChain.ai/transportation for continuous transportation optimization and analytics for items #1 through #9 above. 16. 12-month subscription to RightChain™ Transportation for up to 5 users. 17. Weekly training on RightChain Transportation for up to 5 users.

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