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Operations & Execution Use Case Scenarios

RightChain.ai is employed to answer the following warehouse optimization questions.

Planning & Strategy Use Case Scenarios

Operations & Execution Users

Planning & Strategy Users


& Strategy


& Execution

What mix of storage modes for pallets, cases and eaches minimizes total warehousing cost in the long, middle, and short term for each SKU?


C/VP of Operations, Supply Chain, Logistics, Distribution Internal and external consultants, analysts and planners for supply chain, logistics, warehousing, and distribution


RightChain™ Storage

Operational warehouse cost reduction, productivity improvement, storage density, continuous improvement initiatives Re-slotting, re warehousing, location consolidation b

Level of automation, MHE modes and specifications, Warehouse sizing, Staffing requirements, Warehouse layout,

How much storage space and how many storage locations should be allocated to each SKU in each storage mode?


Directors, managers, and operators of logistics, distribution, warehousing, and shipping

RightChain™ Picking

Which slot location should each SKU be assigned to in order to minimize total warehousing cost and maximize picking productivity?

Warehouse concepting


RightChain™ Slotting

What material flow patterns and what warehouse layout minimizes total warehousing cost, maximizes resource productivity, and streamlines material movement? What staffing assignments of personnel to activities and work shifts maximizes warehouse productivity? 4

RightChain™ Flows

Warehouse operations management and scheduling c

Warehouse staffing

RightChain™ Warehousing Use Profile


RightChain™ Staffing

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