RightChain Warehousing

RightChain™ Staffing Warehouse Workforce Optimization

RightChain™ Slotting Slotting Optimization

RightChain™ Layouts Warehouse Layout Optimization

RightChain™ Slotting assigns each SKU to its optimal slot location and allocation of space and lanes incorporating SKU popularity, volumetrics, cube, pick paths, and relation with other SKUs for pallets, cases, and eaches. Originally developed in the early 1990s, RightChain’s proprietary and award winning slotting algorithms are the industry’s gold standard.

RightChain™ Layouts minimizes total material handling costs throughout the warehouse by exchanging the location activities in such a way as to maximize activity adjacency. In addition, RightChain.ai optimizes the overall building configuration, simulating various building widths, depths, and lengths.

RightChain™ Staffing minimizes the total cost of warehouse staffing by assigning each operator to their best fit activity, by maximizing the labor forecast accuracy, and by optimizing the mix of full-time, part-time, and over-time hours.

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