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RightChain™ Warehousing Insights provides actionable insights, analysis, trends, and statistics for warehousing transactions including receiving, storage, picking, shipping and loading at the order, line, pallet, case, each, and dollar units of measure and related ratios. Tableau-esque, RightChain™ Warehousing Insights provides Paretos, Partitions, Patterns, Maps, Correlations, Quartiles, and many other powerful statistical visualizations and filters for large databases of warehouse activity transactions.

RightChain™ Warehousing Scoreboard provides cost, productivity, accuracy, utilization, and performance baseline metrics for receiving, putaway, pallet storage and picking, case picking, each picking, order assembly, sortation, and shipping in order, line, unit, cube, weight, and dollar units of measure. A business case development and project justification engine are and integrated component.

RightChain™ Warehousing Forecasts is an AI-based forecasting application for warehousing activity including receipts, picks, and returns in several units of measure including orders, order lines, units, cube, weight, and dollars.

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