E d w a r d H . F r a z e l l e , P h . D . chain . Second, the warehouse is like a goalie in a soccer game. Like it or not, it’s the last line of defense. Third, we need the service, inventory, and distribution mission requirements from the supply chain to properly plan and operate the warehouse. Finally, we may learn that a third- party should be operating the warehouse. We call these five RightChain™ elements the RightChain™ initiatives. In order they are to optimize customer service (RightServe™), optimize inventory (RightStock™), optimize supply (RightBuys™), optimize transportation (RightTrips™), and optimize warehousing (RightHouse™). The five enablers of these initiatives we call the RightChain™ enablers. In order they are to optimize the supply chain metrics (RightScores™), optimize logistics outsourcing (RightSource™), optimize supply chain technology (RightTools™), optimize supply chain security and compliance (RightGuards™), and optimize the supply chain organization (RightTeam™). These ten elements make up the outline for this book. | 21

The Wrong Chain Model of Supply Chain Dysfunction and Conflict


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