E d w a r d H . F r a z e l l e , P h . D . Once I had that revelation (Ah-Ha or Duh!), I realized they (and most other companies) really had no idea what supply chain logistics was. I changed my meeting strategy. When we reconvened I told the group that we were not going to meet any longer. They were taken aback and asked if they had done anything to offend me. I assured them they had not done anything to offendme, and that I may have done something to offend them. I apologized for doing such a poor job with the facilitation, and I asked them if they would give me another chance. They were gracious to do so and we then restarted with a half-day seminar on supply chain logistics. Once that ground work and common language had been established, the meeting and the project went smoothly. From that day forward we have commenced every RightChain™ supply chain strategy project with a seminar workshop introducing the client’s executive and management team to the RightChain™ definitions, models, principles, and tradeoffs of supply chain logistics. Our ConsulCation™ (consulting blended with education) approach has been so successful that we now integrate the RightChain™ curriculum with all our consulting engagements. The Supply Chain Tower of Babel | 7


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