8 | R i g h t C h a i n ™ The real issue in the afore mentioned story is more memorably gleaned from a much older story. Remember Adam and Eve? Despite their transgressions, they had a lot going for them. One thing going for themwas that they could speak the same language. Their children, children’s children, and several generations spoke that same language. What happens to the creative, economic, and industrial development of a society or organization when everyone communicates with the same language? Real, rapid, sustainable progress happens! We think we are highly sophisticated with our modern entertainment, technology, and medical advancements. They weren’t too shabby themselves. They had music, art, metallurgy, urban planning, and architecture. Eventually they became so successful in their own minds that they decided to build a monument to themselves. That’s when the trouble started. One day I was reading this story and two things jumped off the page at me. The first thing that jumped out was a quote. God is looking down observing what is happening and says, “ If they can speak the same language, there’s not anything they can’t accomplish .” My first thought was, “That comes from a highly reliable source.” My second thought was, “That will work! That will work in a

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