E d w a r d H . F r a z e l l e , P h . D . RightChain™ business organization, a sports team, or in a family.” I was so inspired that I wrote what may be the most boring book ever written, The Language of Logistics , to help develop and teach a common language for supply chain logistics professionals. I also got started on a plan to develop a series of seminars on supply chain logistics to teach a common language of logistics. That series of seminars, the Supply Chain Management Series, has run for nearly twenty years. More than 10,000 professionals from more than 1,000 companies from more than 20 countries have been in the series on campus, on-site, or on-line. Another thing that jumped off the page at me was the sad end of the story. Unfortunately, the society forgot who gave them the ability to accomplish so many great things. The Lord knew that rapid and massive progress with evil and prideful intent would ultimately be harmful. God compassionately intervened by scrambling their language. They got half way up with the tower, the project stopped, and the people scattered. That is not unlike what happens with many supply chain logistics projects that can’t overcome thresholds of political infighting, prideful turf wars, and/or the inertia and apathy of human nature. The point of the contemporary and ancient stories is that we need a common language to communicate and to | 9

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